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pet, dog, cbd oil, hemp

Love this product, we are first time buyers and got the product the other 10-year-old arthritic pug is back doing zoomies and running the stairs...only "down side" is her bossiness and spunky attitude is back as well haha she is back to bossing the crew around and letting them know she is back in action, we all went for a walk the other day (in the snow) and she was leader of the pack just a motoring.


pet, dog, cbd oil, hemp

We went to a gathering at a friends cabin and normally Lucy would be quite anxious, attached to our hips and very protective. We gave her the recommended amount of CBD4PAWS and she did amazing!! She was so calm, collected and friendly to everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’d highly recommend to anyone with an anxious pup ☺️



We have been using your CBD oil for our border collie for about two weeks now. We got it for his excessive barking but I was not expecting how amazing it's been for his socially! He hasn't always been overly fond of other dogs or even some people but I've noticed during our walks lately he has been so excited to meet everyone! It honestly makes me wanna cry, thanks again for your amazing product.



Meet Oscar. This slightly husky 13 year old beauty, like many cats, loves naps. Why is this relevant? Well, Oscar had some sore hips and would limp around whenever he would wake up from his naps, but thanks to #cbd4paws his hips no longer ache and the limp is gone. Oscar is now walking around like a version of his younger self.



 CBD for PAWS is kind of a  lifesaver for my 10 year old Miniturepincer/Ciwowa blend. His name is Mio and has been suffering from massive joint pain for some years.The pain just made him sad and he was just kind of depressed. We had to put him on massive strong painkillers that just made him kind of weird and  he showed signs of anxiety. Thankfully I somehow just bumped into an ad from lnstagram or Facebook about CBD4PAWS and I decided to give it a try. It only took few days to arrive to my country Iceland. Mio started the intake of the oil. Just after few days his nose got wet and cold again and he was feeling  lot better and I saw  he was happy again. The pain went away and he started to be more relaxed as he used to be. He is running like a puppy again and loves life. I recommend CBD4PAWS if you have a sick dog, old dog or dog with anxiety. CBD4PAWS works miracles.



This morning, he was his sweet, happy, painless, ready-to-play self. I see a much more comfy future for my boy. I originally bought it to help with keeping seizures and anxiety at bay. But I can see we're going to have a long, happy relationship with CBD 4 Paws. 



 This product is amazing, it has saved my fur baby's life. My dog Max is 5 years old and 116lbs. Max developed a bad hip problem a year ago and it was getting progressively worse until we heard about CBD 4 Paws. I have him on 40mg a day and he is able to live a pain free life. We just had him to his Vet today and she was very happy to see that the CBD is working so well. She was so happy with his results that she kept my empty bottle of CBD 4 Paws so she could let other patients know about our story and how well it worked!



 Since Abby is getting older I have noticed she was slowing down. Last fall she decided to retire for good from being my hunting partner. I thought “well she's 11 dogs slow down”. This Summer she got really sick and went into shock she almost died.  That's when we did some research and felt it would benefit Abby’s health to give her CBD. We feel like it is helping her out, she is regular and has more pep in her step! She likes the CBD oil plain and will let us know when it's time for her medicine. Sometimes We put it on treats and Abby will do a trick for us! Maybe this hunting season she will come out of retirement. Thanks CBD 4 Paw



This is Bailey! She’s a 14 year old mix of who knows what! The most we got is that she’s got some Terrier!
She was hit by a truck, essentially ripping one of her legs to nothing almost, when she was 8 months old, leading to sever arthritis in her leg since. As she’s gotten older we’ve noticed it getting worse and add in seizures that started and old age incontinence. We purchased the CBD4Paws on the advice of her groomer, in December of 2018. She’s had it every day, faithfully since then, and with in about two weeks we noticed a huge change! Almost from day 1 the seizures stopped, she’s still has the occasional accident in the house but otherwise is back to being able to go through the day while her family is at work and school and do really well! And the arthritis’s gone. She used to barely be able to get up off her bed for days, and now, she zooms around the yard- and chases her tail like a pup again! The transformation is amazing! 



I use the CBD 4 Paws, 60lbs and up, on Louie for anxiety and seizures. He has been doing very well using this product. This with the combination of his other medications have knocked down the amount of seizure activity from approx 1 to 2 seizures weekly to 1 to 2 seizures a month. We have also noticed a decrease in pacing, licking and panting while he has been on this product. 



 I've had Diesel since he was 12 weeks old and he's 16 years old now. Always happy and playful, especially when he see other dogs but almost 3 months ago he took a drastic turn for worse, didn't want to get off his bed or eat his food which usually took him 30 seconds to chow down on a slow day. We began with 1 ml per day and graduated to 2x per day - once in the morning and once in the afternoon. At first his appetite came back, then he slowly became active again and finally the quiet whimpering finally stopped and he was able to run up and down the stairs again without me worrying about him falling, even on days after it had snowed...CBD 4 Paws works, it gave me Diesel back.



 Missy gets anxiety in the car so we give her a few drops before we get in the car and it works like a charm! 


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